I've shot over 100 magazine covers, and Clint Davis is still the only art director I trust to composite my images. Many instructors teach "quick and dirty" compositing for web, but Clint's precision and attention to detail in the heavily-scrutinized print world make him the only person I would produce a compositing series with. I'm very proud to have Mastering Compositing as part of the SlickforceSystem.

Nick Saglimbeni
Celebrity Photographer

Create your universe, wow your audience & blow your models' minds!

After years of working as an art director, Clint Davis shares the tips, tricks and techniques that he's used to create stunning photo-composites for over 100 magazine covers! Mastering Compositing is a complete system that teaches you how to believably place your models in any environment you wish. From fine hair extractions to matching lighting directing, these techniques are guaranteed to help you take your work to the next level. Take a look at what you'll learn:

Award-winning Art Director Clint Davis teaches the tools the pros use to make phenomenal composites.
Make perfect selections using lasso, magic
wand, and the pen tool. Then, experiment
w/ filters & masks, Refine Edge,
and learn to work in Channels
for optimal contrast
and precision.


Gain compositing proficiency with real-world examples that you'll come across frequently. Master model clipping, learn to use custom brushes to paint effects, practice refining edges on blonde hair, & learn environment tricks such
as sky extension, creating artifical shadows & clouds.


Transform a practical image into
fantasy. Merge backgrounds for
selective exposure, remove unwanted
elements, and embellish your
environment with fog, moody skies,
road cracks, and global color filters.


Now you're ready to take it to the pro level. Master refining edges on animated or busy hair, combine multiple elements
for planar compositing, and change light source direction
for maximum believability. Then, turn on headlights, spin
car wheels, and add smoke & exhaust. Finally, learn the
fine art of precise positioning for layout and print publication.


It's time to put all your skills together and create a true
monster composite. Combine and blend complex elements
and environment, paint light and shade with complex
masks, create dust & missle trails, add global grunge
effects, and move a model's legs, arms, or overall
stance with Puppet Warp.


In all my years as a magazine editor, Clint Davis is hands down the best art director and compositor I've ever worked with.

-Tanisha Brown
 Editor, Source Interlink