I learned more in a day than I had ever known about retouching. Nick really shows you each step to take in producing phenomenal images. From skin smoothing to shaping the body and eliminating stray hairs, Nick taught me ways of retouching I never thought possible. My work has improved ten-fold and I am booking more clients because of what I learned. Save yourself years of time and headache.

Jamiya Wilson
(actual work featured)


SlickforceStudio is an internationally recognized image-creation studio founded by photographer/cinematographer Nick Saglimbeni. While shooting commercials and music videos, Nick discovered a staggering number of women who expressed frustration with photographers who couldn't capture them as they saw themselves.

SlickforceStudio is the manifestation of Nick's dream of creating the perfect shooting experience. To keep his clients happy and protect his models' secrets, he invented a super-top-secret set of retouching techniques that specifically addressed the needs of the rapidly-changing face of young Hollywood.

In 2008, Nick Saglimbeni was awarded a triple-crown of Grand Prize GURU awards from the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP/Photoshop World), in Photography, Retouching, and Image Compositing.

In 2009, Nick was awarded the Blackberry/AT&T Small Business Award for his retouching techniques developed at SlickforceStudio.

Nick Saglimbeni then shattered all expectations when his 100th magazine cover in under 5 years was released onto the newsstand.

SlickforceStudio's elite team of artists currently produce tens of thousands of images per month for magazines, national and international ad campaigns, record labels, and websites. Nick has trained retouchers and photographers one-on-one over the last few years, but finally the skyrocketing demand for retouching knowledge motivated him to release a product that could reach artists across the globe, from every walk of life.

Nick and SlickforceStudio have partnered with RAINN and Redlight Children to help end sexual abuse among women and put and end to sex trafficking of children worldwide. A portion of the proceeds from all Mastering Retouching™ sales will be donated to these charities.

Read more about Nick Saglimbeni and see his latest work on his website/blog at nicksaglimbeni.com

Learn more about SlickforceStudio at slickforce.com

Nick is one of the few photographers that understands the importance of post-production, and it shows. It's one of the way he puts all of his models at ease.

-Donna Feldman